Three Line Tales, Week 188

Three Line Tales, Week 188

three line tales, week 188: people with snakes around their shoulders

By Neel Anil Panicker

“A land of elephants, snake charmers, cows and what have you___isn’t that the image of India that you Westerners  have in your misinformed minds?” stated Nina as she smiled at her Facebook friend whom she had known for the past one year or so, and who had flown down to Mumbai all the way from distant Colorado at her invitation.

Forty year old Kathy Livingstone, who was peeping through her car window as the vehicle wound its way through the big city’s peak hour traffic— her eyes split wide open as she watched the cavalcade of men, machines and four legged (even legless) creatures slither in and out of the ganglion of lanes and bylanes—turned towards her Indian friend and volleyed back, “to be honest I too had bought this trope about India still living in the Dark Ages until I heard this guy speak in Madison Square Garden some years back and then when I saw a few videos wherein he spoke in very glowing terms about  how great your country is, and about how very shortly you’re going to become a 5 trillion dollar economy.”

Hearing about her country’s virtues brought a smile to Nina’s lips and she knew inwardly for that she had to thank a particular gentleman with a ’56 inch chest’.

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