Time To Write: Sentence Starter 50

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Time To Write: Sentence Starter 50

By Neel Anil Panicker
“Um…”, Emmy chortled, “sounds yummy”.

“Hey, Miss Dreamer, get real.  His name is Alfred. And Alfred’s not some food for you to sound delicious. He’s a man. A grown up man at that. And…”

Emmy squealed and let out a slow langurous whistle. Then looking at her bestie Mary said, “I know
dear Miss Chatterbox. Hold your horses. All I said and meant is that Al is my cup cake, my fave chocolate fudge cake with a lip smacking cherry on top.  And yes, he’s simply delicious. In fact if you ask me he’s the most delicious food I have have had in a long, long time.”

“Good for you then. I am glad you’ve finally got your poison. And now let me go and have my masala dosa.”

As Emmy nodded her head, Mary got up and left the room, but not before turning around and winking, “You know, I like my food a little hot”.
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