First Line Friday: August 30th, 2019


By Neel Anil Panicker

“I liked the rush, liked the crunch. Never did look back at the fallout. Always looking ahead, my eyes steady and unwavering, my vision fixed on the straight road ahead. I liked living on the edge, burning tyre on the high road that was life, never for a moment looking back through the rear view mirror of life, never for instant stopping, and pondering over what was over and could not be brought back.
Too busy as I was living life, splurging on the fleeting highs of the present and chasing the chimeric highs the immediate future offered, that I turned myopic and completely obliterated the past that hurried past me in a break neck speed.
I know, you might think what a fool I have been. That I shouldn’t have done the things that I had done, acted the way I have done, and done the things that I obviously didn’t do, but then that’s life, isn’t it.
And let me tell, it’s all too easy for many people, sitting as they are in their comfy airconditioned environs, lead the privileged sanitised lives that they do, enclosed, closetted and well taken care of, to sit im their high chairs and pass judgements about what is right and what is wrong.
To them, I say try for a moment visualise themselves as me, having been born and raised in the socio-economic millue that I have been raised in, having the kind of parents that I had, and having faced the obstacles and calamities that I have faced, and also having been forced to make the kind of choices that I have been forced to make, and then see whether they would be still as harsh in their lambastings and derisions as they now do.”

Seated across the table, Detective Alphonso Chacko gently nodded his head, and slowly stood up, the small round wooden stool making a creaking noise as he did so.

“I know. I can understand. I too have come the same background as you. Maybe, even worse, ” said Chacko before he stepped out of the underground investigation room at  Cochin City Crime Branch Office but before turning around to add, “but there’s one difference___I didn’t end up as a serial killer as you”.

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