Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!



By Neel Anil Panicker

Her words were a howl, a prolonged agony filled cry in the wilderness; it was an implore, a beseech to the world she inhabited, an urge to the people she lived with, and most importantly a prayer to the Almighty that she believed in.

It was an invocation to Lord Murugan, whom she unfailingly paid obeisance to, pouring holy water and milk onto his glistening granite self.

It was a missive into the years of her Muruga to rescue her, to help extricate her from the mess she found herself in.

And the words itself were a soul stirring heart wrenching whisper that splattered out of her parched lips in scarred elongated syllables and phonemes.

‘Oh Murugu, Lord of the Universe, Protector of the Universe, Keeper of Secrets please help this impoverished soul, please shower me with your eternal kindness and bless me with what I so very humbly seek’—-were what she sought from her Lord.

And in keeping with her unshakeable faith in her deity, Lord Muruga didn’t disappoint her and granted what she had wished for —the brutal death of the village headland who had pushed Pravin___the love of her life, the only man she had ever given herself to completely, the man she loved to death___off the cliff, the twenty year old’s flailing arms waving a final heart tugging farewell to Rashmi, the sweet dimple cheeked sixteen year old he had fallen head over heels in love with.

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