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By Neel Anil Panicker

“Sir, here is the postmortem report. The death was due to asphyxiation. And…”

Detective Freido Chacko pressed his phone closer to his ear even as ten metres away on the main road a couple of trucks whizzed past blasting sound waves even as it left behind a cloud of swirling soot.

Detective Chacko cursed under his breath and moved a few steps to the inner walls away from the cacophony.

“And what,”? Vikki.

Dr. Vikraman  Nair of Cochin City Government Hospital was someone he knew for a decade and was on first name terms with.

“Fred, the death is due to strangulation. There are two straight lines that run through her entire neck. The width between the lines is exactly three inches. Also there seems to have s considerable pressure exerted. The death wasn’t instantaneous.”

Chacko’s lips formed an O.
Something clicked in his brain.
After the call, he turned around towards Jose, his assistant.

“Tell me, was there a handbag at the crime scene.”?

“Yes Sir. I checked. It was clean. But…”

Chacko bit his lips.

“But what, Jose”?

“Sir, its strap was missing.”

Chacko smiled langurously.

He had stumbled upon the murder weapon.

The murderer was a finger tip away.

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