Photo Challenge #277




By Neel Anil Panicker

“Hey, I feel like having grass”.

It was this seemingly innocuous off the cuff remark by one of the students that really got the girls thinking.  Sitting behind, in a corner back bench (but of course!), the two girls cocked their ears, scratched their noses, and then looked into the other’s eyes surreptitiously, the way lovers do.

Then, they left, quietly, like ghosts, tiptoeing out of the choc-a-bloc class.

As they exited the third floor classroom, a few boys stationed bear the door mouthed some indecipherable half muted words whilst a couple of girls giggled.

Unmindful, the two sped past the corridor, and then half ran down the stairs.

In a jiffy, they were out of the three story archaic building that was their coaching institute.

The massive rectangular red and yellow flex board announced ‘TIME TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE”. Under it the tagline read, albeit in a small font HEY, COME BE AN MBA.

Five minutes later, they were well inside the massive tree lined park that was stood at the roundabout, around which the inner lanes converged only to diverge like discrete machine parts all over the bustling metropolis that was Delhi.

As they lay down on the wind swept grass, their backs to the damp earth, their eyes meeting their azure skies above, they turned around and then, laughed uproariously.

A few passing feet stopped by, one even glared at them. The duo glared back.

The feet receded.

The two once again laughed, this time even more lustily.

Then then touched hands, locked fingers, and then lips.

Fuck the world, fuck their jaundiced eyes, fuck all.

They had travelled this far, made the leap from small cities to the big, bad world, and now, poised as they were on the edge of summer, they were determined to live and love the way they wanted__the world be damned!

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