First Line Friday: August 2nd, 2019

Thursday photo prompt: Destination #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt: Destination #writephoto



By Neel Anil Panicker 
Just like Leo, she always had to be the centre of attention.
Being so was her, her entire being, the very raison d etre of her existence.
She could have it no other way.

No wonder they, her friends that is, and there were dime a dozen, showered her with the epithet Queen Bee.

Now, while all that was fine and both she and her friends made a great team; she holding centre stage and amazing raconteur that she was, retaking them for hours together with endless fairy tales that traversed the magical space of netherland and beyond, and were replete with magical tidbits and colourful tales of equally colourful elves and elms, it was but de rigueur that the central character, the chief character, the Heroine of all these make believe stories were she; she of the well coiffured hairs, smooth as silk skin, and even smoother tongue.

Born to the manor, that was she.
But, then there was one very fine distinction between her and other prima donnas.

Aishwarya Haridas, Aish to her dear buddies, never craved to walk the traditional path.
She believed the road to becoming the darling of all was by treading the less trodden path.
She revelled in doing things that were an anathema to others, or those that others thought of as a tad risky, or were construed as, euphemistically speaking, not socially appropriate.

And thanks to that attitude of hers, she ended up becoming a real queen, the Queen of .
That’s after she had charmed the rich African kingdom’s Crown Prince and sole heir to the throne into making her his bride.
But then, that’s another story.
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  1. Different is often magnetically attractive.

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