By Neel Anil Panicker
The vibration in his trouser pocket forced Vikram out of his riverie.
He thrust his hand in and extricate the device.
A new device, barely an hour old.

He hadn’t even checked what model it was; simply kept it aside the moment it was handed over to him.

The screen came alive.
He read the words, all BOLD___STARTING SOON.

He felt a surge of hot blood surge through his veins, his chest swelled and his head suddenly felt heavy—heavy with expectation.
Or, was it anticipation?

He felt his legs wobble, looked around and found a bench a feet away.

Sitting down, his eyes now closed with only the sound of cuckoos cooing and sparrows chirping and the occasional rustling of leaves as a light morning breeze kissed his face and brushed past his ears, he felt more composed.
He opened his eyes looked over the trees lined boulevard.

His gaze rose above the tall eucalyptus trees, towards the distant horizon, and watched with wondrous awe as ringed cumulous clouds made love to one another even as they changed hues, from purple green to sea blue to even scarlet red.
Looking at the beauteous Nature unfold its eclectic magic before his eyes, he felt at ease, and soon his heart filled with optimism.
Yes, things will work out; everything will be better, his heart spoke to his mind.
His heart and mind now reconciled, he picked his phone and stabbed a few keys, and pressed the send button.
He was ready, fully ready, to begin his new career___of a bank robber.
#neelanilpanicker # flash #fiction #shortstory #timetowrite

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