Six Sentence Story



By Neel Anil Panicker

Right now you don’t get it; simply don’t get all that I say, and I dare say that’s because you are currently in the throes of teenaged love, riding the wondrously, joyous waves, the exhilarating crests and troughs of high octane love.

“But tell me Dad, what’s wrong with that? And tell me I ain’t the only one who’s ever fallen in love, have I”?

Richard turned towards his wife seated beside him on the dinner table and spoke, “Darling, what do you have to say on our son’s repartee.?”

Mrs Raima Kashyap smiled, quietly passed on a bowl of tomato soup to her Arnab before replying, “Son, falling in love is a very beautiful thing and I am glad you feel the things that you do and it is also true that your father and I had fallen in love and touch wood  it is the most beautiful thing to have happened to us and we had taken care to act like two mature adults but…”

“But what Mamma? Are you objecting because Shruti comes from a different caste, thar her…”

“No, not at all my son. What we are saying is that love is a very fragile emotion for a young person to be saddled with and as such requires a lot of maturity and therefore your decision to right now get married right away to a girl whom you’ve barely met leave alone know fully and that too when you have an entire life and career ahead of you is a highly ill thought of and if I may add a very  puerile decision.”

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3 thoughts on “neelwrites/SSS/flash/fiction/shortstory/26/07/2019

  1. Young/first love is oh so consuming! This young man’s youth and inexperience is preventing him from considering the wisdom of his parents concerns.
    Wonder what happened? Did he get married or did he listen to his parents advice? 😀

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  2. Aah the simplicities and complexities of love!

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  3. UP

    Love, never heard of it! Good six.

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