Saturday Mix – Mad About Metaphor, 20 July 2019


By Neel Anil Panicker

A martinet, he was known as someone not known to give a wide berth to anyone, be it in his personal or professional life.

At his work place, which was the main branch of the largest national bank of the country where he manned the loan department, he, that is 57-year-old Anindya Chatopadhya, spoke very little, mouthing only the most necessary, unavoidable words and syllables during his day long interactions with other staff and customers.

Not for him the long, prolonged, multi-functional chitchat, the inane everyday conversations about home and hearth and the neighbourhood, country, world et al that are part and parcel of the common man’s ways of killing time.

Not only did he religiously avoid such people and talks but he also made it a point to not engage with them after office hours.

Even at home, he carried forth his strict disciplinarian self, ensuring minimal contact with his wife and a retarded twin brother whom he had kind of adopted ever since their parents died in a tragic car accident at the time of his birth.

Maybe, a life lived all alone, fending for oneself and his sibling, hacking his way  mercilessly through life may have moulded him to what he had become now—a man who seemed distinctly, supremely anti-social, preferring to keep all on a tight leash, keeping to himself his only solace in a harsh world.
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