Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

Photo Challenge #272



By Neel Anil Panicker

As the vodka rolled past her lips and snaked down her throat, Simi felt her inner being warm up to a new awakening.

Her face turned a flushed red as its glistened in the glow of the full moon.

She looked down her twentieth-story apartment at the flow of traffic below: vehicles scurried past the four lane choc-o-bloc highway; tiny golden specks of fast moving eclectic lights that set against the near black of the wilderness beyond; a sight not unlike a queen’s necklace shone that dazzled in the dark.

In the distance, strung high up a Gothic styled building a neon light flashed, its letters bathed a golden yellow___CITI NEVER SLEEPS.

Simi smiled. She took another swig of her favourite poison.

It’s true, she said to herself. This city never sleeps.

And she hated sleep. For sleep meant the end; the end of everything; the end of existence; the end of her life. Sleep for her was an anathema; something that happened to her when she was knocked off her senses.

She didn’t beget sleep; yet, she didn’t mind when sleep consumed her.

A dichotomy if ever there was one.

All the years she had steadfastedly avoid the cold embrace of sleep.

Until, Akshay came to her life.

Until the moment they had begun to make love, wild wanton love.

Post every such marathon session, she had found herself succumbing to the pleasures of sleep.

Sex, it seemed served as the aphrodisiac, post coital she found herself being always lulled into sleep.

One of life’s great unfathomable joys she told herself she had been blessed to have received.

Her eyes began to droop even as her fingers began to loosed then hold on the glass.

She turned around and ambled towards her bed.

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