Three Line Tales, Week 180

Three Line Tales, Week 180

three line tales, week 180: Patrouille de France in the sky


By Neel Anil Panicker

As the plane kissed the clouds thirty thousand feet above terra firma, Abhigyan Pandey, the nouveau riche industrialist and rising star, one of the brightest among the Young Turks, in the world of steel, took a deep breath and relaxed, his arms resting on the comfy leather seats, his feet sans shoes caressing the rich velvety smoothness of the blood red uber carpet.

As he moistened his lips with liberal sips of Teeling Whisky- “‘honoured as the “Best Irish Whisky of 2018”, he turned to his left and locked eyes with the voluptuous 30 something woman who was seated across the aisle, and clothed in a sheer single piece satin dress that rose high enough to reveal a pair of milky white legs that had been doing for the past twenty minutes or so except crossing and uncrossing, an action that had a resultant salubrious effect on Abhigyan who found, despite the aircoinditioning, found himself sweating like a pig.

Finally, unable to control himself any longer he got up and walked the aisle towards the washroom but not before bending down and whispering into the woman’s ears, “Sweetheart, follow me in joining the Mile High Club”.

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