Saturday Mix – Sound Bite, 6 July 2019



One sad pensive senior Indian woman looking up : Stock Photo

By Neel Anil Panicker

‘Once, just once,  my dear Al, please take me to my Goa…pleez’.

Albert looked at his wife of a shade over fifty years, and immediately turned wistful.

How quickly have the times changed. How near are we to our graves; how far are we from our glorious past.

His eyes turned misty as his age ridden mindscape came alive with grainy images of happy times that had sped by.

As his eyes moistened he turned towards his missus. Tears were rolling down her eyes. Overcome with emotion, Albert wrapped his frail arms around her and held her hands.

Outside, the sound of a car honk broke shattered through the glassed windows.

A few hens who were plucking worms off the ground scaredly scurried away.

Al picked the album that Lisa held in hers hands and flicked through the translucent wafer thin sheets.

‘Look! that’s my village. And that…’, Lisa said, her fingers hovering over a small thatched hut is my house…my home, my fathers’ home, the place where i grew up, the place where all my childhood memories lie.’.

Al turned his wife’s face around and said, “Ok, speak no further. Tomorrow, I will  take you there. But tell me. It’s a long haul non-stop 24 hour flight. Can you take strain, my dear?”

Lisa’s face glowed bright and sunny reminiscent of the sixteen year old teenager she once had been.

“No problem, my love. Any pain is bearable if it helps me transport myself back to my past.

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