Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #20

July 2019 Writing Prompts


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #20


By Neel Anil Panicker

The two were bound in silence. Be it indoors, within the packed like sardines classrooms or the outdoors___around ubiquitous side street tea shops that doubled up as Maggie joints; or inside cool cafes and uber multi-screen malls that we college students frequented____,the two never spoke a word, neither to the other nor to us, the common gang of post college mates all who had signed up at PRIME TIME, premier coaching institute of the country in the fond hope of bagging coveted seats in one or the other top B-Schools of the country.

Looking at the lovey dovey pair, at the two as they locked eyes with one another, their lips sealed but still curved, its edges rising slightly as if in alignment with their respective half cocked eyebrows, anyone who weren’t known to the two would not be faulted for thinking that the two had strayed off the path of studies.

But, how mistaken they were, was something only a few of us, the handful who knew them knew.

For Pratham and Riya were one mature bunch of 22 year olds. Cupid must have struck them at a very unpropitious moment, but even as the two fell head over heels in love with the other and seem to have eyes and time only for one another, they were also pragmatic enough to realize that however high they intend to take their love to, they need to have their feet firmly planted in terra firma.

And with that steely resolution, Pratham and Ria commenced their collective journeys, both of them, religiously attending classes, making, taking and exchanging notes (love and otherwise!), clearing and clarifying all their subject-specific doubts from ever helpful erudite faculty members, burning the midnight oil in their quest to ace the CAT_ the highly competitive entrance examinations that were the gateway to a glittering high paying high flying corporate career.

And finally, when the D-day arrived and the much awaited results were declared, the two were right up there, acing the exams, and with an offer to join IIM-A__ the Mecca of management education, the most prized seat that an aspirant could ever dream of.

As they say, here was one instance when mixing business with pleasure worked to perfection.

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