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Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #19

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #19


By Neel Anil Panicker
“Admit it, Rishabh, you’re getting old. You are not the one you were when we met.”

Rishabh looked at Ria, his hands still clutching on to the executive leather Samsonite.
Then, he checked his watch.
Damn’t, he muttered under his breath.
He was once again going to get late. His third this month.
And there’s seven more days left in March, the financial year ending month, the month when harried executives left home early and staggered in very very late only to find their wives and children alien beings lost to sleep, he rued.
Wearily, he stood at the main exit, one hand on the door handle.
She was still breathing fire and brimstone from six feet apart. Her eyes were a dead give away___mocking, full of derision, scathing to the core.
Behind her, the wall clock chimed in metronomic fashion.
Tick tock tick…his heart beats threatened to go haywire.
Summoning all his courage, he locked eyes with her.
For the first time in two years, the timeline their affair had stretched to,  he felt a new emotion.

Gone was tenderness that throbbed in his veins, gone also was the redolence of love that dwelt in his heart, gone too was the deep down lust that he felt every time he looked at her voluptuous figure filled to the brim from all imaginable places that a man could ever dream of.

Instead, all he saw in front of him was a blood sucking vampire, a self serving sex crazed nymphomaniac whose only source of pleasure was to pull him under the sheets and shut tue world out as she played out her wildest of grotesque fantasies blisffully unmindful of her partner’s work schedules, or his feelings, or even the fact that he had an office and a home to go back to.

Standing there, staring at her staring back at him, her fiery eyes full of lustful venom, he finally realised that this woman Ria was not his type nee she was not anyone’s type for that matter.

She was just a beautiful but spoilt twenty five year old ravenous gold digger whose only motto in life was to fly higher and higher even if that meant riding roughshod over the feelings of others.

‘Yes,’ he admitted, ‘you’re right, absolutely right. I have grown old, and might I add, a lot wiser than before.
I had mistakenly followed you and taken to the skies without realising that in order to fly high one needs to learn how to walk straight on Planet Earth. Thanks to you, today I have come back to terra firma.
Your haughty self can even proclaim that I’ve been grounded. But here, you would be sadly mistaken. I have not been grounded. I have become grounded. And on that happy epiphanic note, I take your leave promising to myself that henceforth I shall always remain grounded no matter how high others might fly. ‘

With that Rishabh turned around and walked, not just out of the door but also out of Ria’s life.
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  1. Now I’d love to see this story from her side!

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