June Writing Prompts


June Writing Prompts

And as the final door closed, so did her heart.


By Neel Anil Panicker 

And as the final door closed, so did her heart.

She heaved a huge sigh of relief and walked away from the apartment.

As the lift carried her downstairs to her lower basement, Preeti’s mind went to the events of the past three months. To one bright Sunday summer morning when she had arrived at Alliance Francaise, ostensibly to learn French. Something that would add that extra meat to her bonafifdes; something that would help her in her quest to reach France, the country where her dream job of a dollar earning “global translator” awaited her with open arms.

But, trust destiny to play its cards.

Instead of learning the intricacies of an alien language, she learnt another language__the language of love, the one that was taught by her French instructor, a certain Mark Platini.

And even before she realised so, she had fallen in love, lock, stock and barrel with the “man of her dreams”.

The next 80 days were a dream; a ride she had never ever dreamt in her wildest of dreams.

Mark was everything she had ever wanted of in a man___kind, loving, caring, dashingly handsome, and full of life.

On a year long assignment non-renewable assignment in India, he had handed over a deluxe fully furnished fifteenth floor three bed room sea facing apartment in the poshest area in town.

It was to be their love nest for the next three months. Their own private heaven where the two madly in love youthful hearts exposed their inner  feelings, their dreams, desires, hopes and aspirations, promising to be with one another until the end of time.

Until, one day, when the dream got busted.

Walking into the apartment one evening as usual after attending her classes, Preeti had got the shock of her life, when she had seen something that had pulled the rug out of her life.

Her Mark, the man for whom she had thanked Lord Muruga for having sent him into her life, lay sprawled on the bed, the very sea facing corner master bedroom that had been their love making rendezvous  for several days and nights.

There he was, naked, clad only in his underwear, and lying beside him was a girl, a a knock down beautiful faced young bimbette no more than twenty, also as naked as him, her arms on his chest, long bare legs entwined all around his thighs.

She had stood there, unmoving, in utter shock, for Gods known how long, watching the shattering of her dream castle and the falling down of her ‘Greek God’ from the high pedestal she had installed him in.

Thereafter, she had turned around, and ran___running like a madwoman, opening and banging one door after the other until she had reached the main exit door.

She smashed her way out___literally and metaphorically closing all the doors that she had once opened her heart out to.

The lift sprung open as it hit the ground floor.

It was time for to run.

To make a run for a new life, a life that she hoped would be so rich as to enable her to obliterate the unhappiness caused  by her past one.

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