June Writing Prompts

June Writing Prompts

The crevices cracked further, with every loud thud.


By Neel Anil Panicker

The crevices cracked further, with every loud thud.

He knew he was well past danger zone. But still, he needed to tread___tread very, very carefully.

One nano false step, and he would be hurtling down the cliff, his body turned a bloody pulp faster than one could scream ‘HELP’.

Ratnesh looked up at the mountain peaks that hemmed on him from all sides, long sharp edged sentinels aka soldiers’ looming spears that threatened to pierce his lithe six foot frame frame, making more holes in it than that an uber golf course could boast of.

Two more hours to go before dark, he reminded himself, as his eyes scanned the fading horizon, the near non-existent sun’s rays that seemed to recede past the peaks of distant hills with every passing second further increasing is anxiety.

He had to get to the base; get to civilization; get to the village; to much needed help; help that would help alleviate the pain he was in; the searing pain in his left foot; a pain that he was feeling ever since he had slipped and fallen a hundred feet down the gorge.

Treading softly, he began the slow descent as the clouds above growled their disapproval.

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