By Neel Anil Panicker

The other day a very dear friend from America asked me how it was I was feeling after the release of my latest book ‘THE MBA COACHING FACTORY’.

Though I did reply in the affirmative, stating how great a feeling it was and what a wonderful sense of joy and happiness the event had provided me, it was only later, and that too when I was all alone that I sat down and pondered over what she had asked and what I had replied, and what I had actually meant.

I realised that the dearest thing for a writer, once he has decided to give freedom or free movement to his or her creation is to see his ‘baby’ delivered safely and come alive in the hands of the reader.

Much like the foetus that floats inside a mother’s womb for nine months, nurtured and developed tenderly and with lots of love and care, facing all manner of trials of tribulations, a book for a writer germinates as a mere thought, seeds in his mind, percolates down to his heart, occupies every chamber of his living being, and then slowly forms, morphs, becomes big, takes a shape and size and manner of its own, until them moment when the D-DAY arrives for it to be gently, lovingly, presented, handed over, released into the world.

At that precise moment the author befittingly feels on top of the world as he sees himself washed ashore in an avalanche of mind-numbing thoughts, but then there are some writers who have termed this experience as akin to firing a bomb or a missile while still some others have written about it as yanking off a very personal body part of oneself from one’s body and watching it a heightened sense of nervous anxiety as it moves freely sans any harness in the outside world, the worrisome question being whether it would navigate freely or tragically fall by the wayside.

I too feel all of these things, plus, one thing more___a catharsis, a therapeutic emptiness that I hope to fill up soon with my next book release.


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