Three Line Tales, Week 176

Three Line Tales, Week 176

three line tales, week 176: archers


By Neel Anil Panicker

Rita burnt the midnight oil, hitting the forest that abutted her nondescript roofless hut and with each passing day her marksmanship improved by leaps and bounds.


‘You’re doing very well and your aim has greatly improved, and if this is the way you go, soon you would be representing the country and winning gold medals,’ her coach, the very venerable ex-Olympian Babu Selvaraj said, his booming voice ricocheting off the tall pine wood trees and echoing all over the hills yonder.

Quite unused to praise of any sort, leave alone one coming from a person whom the world acknowledged as the world’s numero uno coach in archery, Rita sheepishly bent her head and took another aim at the bark of the tree some thirty meters away  and seconds later as the arrow hit bull’s eye she merely pursed her lips as she knew that she had better be better than the best every single time if she had any hopes of extricating her family of eight from the clutches of abject poverty.

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