Three Line Tales, Week 175

Three Line Tales, Week 175

a turquoise car with fin tails

By Neel Anil Panicker
Fast cars, fast girls, fast money—these were his poison, something that turned him on,  something that made him go trigger happy, something that made him realise pretty early in life that a major portion of his life would be spent flitting in and out of prison bars.

Not that he minded though, for judging by his flashy lifestyle and the amount of bling he surrounded himself with, both of the two legged and the four legged kind, it was as clear as daylight that Walter Patro D’ Cruz’s dictum for life was “LIVE LIFE KINGSIZE”.

And that’s how he lived, painting the town red while playing hide and seek with the law enforcement authorities until the moment when he was stilled by a hail of bullets on a busy Kochi street, one arm slung around his arm candy of the day, the other pointing  towards the scorching hot summer skies.
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