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By Neel Anil Panicker 

He peeped through the high walls; he licked his lips.

His salacious eyes fell on the John’s’ little one.

They lingered for a while on the slender frame and then he did what he had been doing all this while__ two months, fourteen days and ten hours to be precise__ever since the new neighbours had arrived___he called out, albeit in a low voice.


“What’s dear Stella upto this bright morning”?

The girl, barely ten, turned around.

Her eyes lit, her smile widened as she saw her dear “Uncle” holding out a large Cadbury Dairy  Milk chocolate.

‘Dirty Harry’ smiled dirtily.

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25 thoughts on “neelwrites/FF/flash/fiction/shortstory/100words/22/05/2019

  1. I feel dirty for just reading this lol. Well done! 😀

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  2. Chilling piece of fiction, yet these sort of evil men exist. (Opening word should be ‘he’?)

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

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  3. Dear Neel,

    Very creepy story. (Could it be you mean ‘John’s’ rather than ‘the John’s’? I hope someone catches this jerk before he can do any real damage. Nicely done.



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  4. A sinister story indeed and sadly, a tale of our times.

    My story – ‘A stab in the dark’

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    1. Yes, sadly true. I will read and comment on your story too, Keith. Thanks.

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  5. Very creepy and sinister…

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  6. Agh! I just read about Iain’s filthy pervert, and not you’ve added another to the list. Gah! While the writing is excellent, I hope there are no more dirty guys this week!

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    1. I can empathise with you. Unfortunately, the world is full of them and it’s only by talking and writing aboit them can we hope to expose and therby stop all such reprehensible acts.

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  7. Creepy guy, we did have a similar idea, although my unlike my MC, yours seems to feel no guilt or remorse for his actions.

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  8. Abhijit Ray

    Diry Harry is a pedophile!


  9. Bloody hell, thats the second one in a row! Great stuff and a despicable tale


  10. A good but creepy story, Neel. There are far too many of these dirty idiots around. Even young children have to be warned. They should be told to report these “Uncles” or any other older children or adults who try to become friends with them, especially if they give gifts or try to get them alone somewhere. Well written. —- Suzanne


  11. Evil lurks with Dirty Harry. Another sinister story. Good job.


  12. Evil lurks closer to home than what most people realise. A chilling and creepy tale indeed.


  13. Oh what an evil man. You’ve described his actions so convincingly – gives me the creeps. Great characterisation.


  14. I agree that your pedophile seems much more cunning, more calculating and remorseless than Iain’s. Poor girl. Let’s hope someone’s glancing out the window at this moment.


  15. Yuk, horrible, the man needs stamping on by a herd of rampant cows


  16. A horrible and chilling tale. Well written, too. I agree with your comment that it is important to write about such things to warn others.


  17. Yik… may there will be a bolt of light striking him

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  18. So sad that littles end up targets for creeps like this guy. Thanks for writing about it. No shoving events like this under the carpet.


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