Three Line Tales, Week 172

Three Line Tales, Week 172

Fiction Prompt – May 21


three line tales, week 172: yoga on a London rooftop


By Neel Anil Panicker

“The lightning flashed across the sky.”

Unmindful of Nature’s wrath what with ever increasing winds that lashed all around her, rattling and smashing through massive window panes and billowing ever swirling toxic fumes that floated all over in a maddening fury of ever blackening balls of fire, Esther, from her forty-fourth penthouse, watched the spectre that was unfurling, an eerie delight shone bright in her eyes.

Then, she simply raised her hands high up to the brackish skies in a giant albatross-like yogic pose , and then lowering them, flung herself into the air soon turning into a tiny speck in the horizon.

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