Time To Write: Money [Creative Writing Prompt]

Time To Write: Money [Creative Writing Prompt]


By Neel Anil Panick:er

“Oh my… it’s the legs…I can’t do this…you carry on…I will take some rest”.

Gambhir stopped in his tracks and looked over his shoulder.

Anjali stood there, absolutely immobile, an expression of utter pain in his otherwise beautiful face.

“Are you fine? Ok? Do you want me to take you home?”

Her head still bent, hands clutching her waist, she nodded even as agonizing huffs and puffs filled the early morning air.

Gambhir looked around, a tad embarrassed, as a couple who he knew as regulars in the exclusive park rushed past, the man shooting a quick sideways glance at them, his eyes betraying something that bordered utter disgust.

‘No, I’m fine. I’ll be fine. It’s my tummy. I guess its acting up again. Missed lasst week’s visit to the doctor, you see.’

Gambhir watched as his wife dragged her weary self towards a bench a few feet away.

Standing there, on the kerb, and looking at his wife as she made grotesque  painful steps away from him, merely watching her massively disproportionate body, the elephantine hips, the swinging  of arms that could very well have been mistaken for a grizzly mountain bear’s  filled with an absolute disgust and revulsion.

“Was this the sexy siren I had fallen in love with and married a decade and half ago?’ he found himself questioning.

As he turned around and began to run yet another five minute round of the massive circular grounds, his lips blurted out the answer that his mind had framed, ‘True, she’s no longer the once beautiful woman you fell in love with and married, but remember she’s worth a lot of money____thanks to her being whole sole heir to her father’s multi-billion dollar business empire.’

The thought of money sent a shiver down his spine.

In his mind’s the bikini clad image of Rani floated like a miasma all over, further blurring his sweat soaked eyes.

Her words from the weekend that went by hit him like  a sledgehammer,”Remember, I’m going to bleed you dry of all your wealth. And by the time I finish with you, you would genuinely wish you were dead”

For the second time that Saturday morning, Gambhir Srivastava, fifty-two year old successful businessman of wholesale dry fruits stopped in his tracks.

Only this time, it wasn’t for another person.

This time he stopped ‘coz he needed to stop; he had to stop; there wasn’t no option. His heart was in bad shape. As he pressed his hands to his chest, he felt sudden sharp icicles of pain form all around his arteries.

The next moment he collapsed, falling head down on the grass below.

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(to be continued)





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