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By Neel Anil Panicker

The policeman’s eyes turned towards the body, that lay covered in white sheet in the main hall.

Around it encircled a crowd of grieving relatives.

Barely an hour after the lifeless form had been pulled out from the in house swimming pool.

‘Sir, another thing___his last wish was not to have a postmortem. You know how he was…’

The cop nodded his head.

Whoever disobeyed a deadman’s wishes, especially one who was a stickler for rules.

Also, the city’s Mayor.

Later that night, Alice looking into her mother’s photo, whispered, “I ensured father drowned just as he’d ensured you drowned”.

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27 thoughts on “neelwrites/flash/fiction/shortstory/fridayfictioneers/15/05/2019

  1. Payback! in spades. Good one.

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  2. Revenge is a dish best served soggy, I guess. 🙂 Nice twist ending.

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  3. A daughter’s revenge. Nice one.


  4. What goes around comes around. Looks like he got what he deserved.


  5. How convenient… no post mortem and payback taken care of…

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    1. Some strile gold, even after, especially after a crime

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  6. Bang. It could be part 2 of my story.
    You gave so much detail with so little. Strong beginning, middle and end (hard to achieve with 100 word limit).

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    1. Thanks Tannille, and i read yours. I had written mine without reading anyone’s. Yes, i agree i just took of where you left.

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      1. Themes do tend to spread through the group. Many of us saw a body. Each week I find the similarities between stories fascinating, maybe more than the differences.


  7. Chilling twist ending. Well done – I wasn’t expecting that!

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos


  8. Hopefully, Alice can now move on. Nice one.


  9. Abhijit Ray

    Nice story. So many twists. Police man should have ordered post mortem, irrespective of the unusual wish of the deceased. But that is how the system works.


  10. Dear Neel,

    What goes around comes around…or in this case, “laps around.” 😉 Nicely done.




  11. Wow. Talk about dysfunctional! I truly hope it ends there.


  12. A little revenge story to start the weekend off right. Great story!

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  13. It’s a good thing his last wish was not to have a post-mortem. He paved the way for his daughter’s revenge. Well done!

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  14. Bear

    Alice, avenger supreme! Great story this week, Neel.

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  15. I think she’ll get away with this. The ending was unexpected and gave a more sinister feeling to the whole story.


  16. A good and well-written story, Neel. His own words left his death a mystery to all but his daughter who got her revenge. —- Suzanne

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