By Neel Anil Panicker

As the sky outside her bedroom window turned a  slate grey and clouds began to rumble, Divya’s thoughts turned inward, especially towards the happenings of the previous evening.

“I love you”__, three magical words that Rajesh had uttered had set her heart aflutter, but ten hours later her mind was a turnstile, still grappling with the significance of what her classmate had whispered into her ears, that too just seconds after wishing her on her fifteenth birthday.

“Focus, you are just days away from your examinations joining  “__her mother had reprimanded her after she had caught her staring absently onto the bedsheets, an unopened Physics book lying on her lap, an orphaned expression on its face.

“Sorry mama’ , she had spluttered, and then hurriedly opened her book only to find the pages brighten up with multi-chromatic images of a white fairy, her arms stretched out as a dazzling knight on a white steed came riding through the fluffy puffy clouds.

In no time, she found herself transported to la-la land, her deliriously joyous heart full of wild wanton happiness.

“Damn’t it’, she shrieked out, “why did Cupid have to strike in the middle of my annual Board examination?”, she wondered even as she fought in earnest to control the tumultuous sea of emotions that raged in her ‘oh so’ fragile heart.

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13 thoughts on “neelwrites/flash/fiction/sss/06/05/2019

  1. UP

    Examinations require focus, good use of the cue.

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  2. Excellent portrayal!

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  3. I would have been daydreaming too 🙂 Nice six!

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  4. Oh, how difficult it is to corral those thoughts when love strikes!

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  5. Divya is young. She’ll probably find out soon enough that Cupid often has bad timing 🙂
    But what angst! At that age, when love is new and “forever” who wants to think about school and exams!

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    1. True, she will mature with age.The young in love are an altogether different species.

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  6. Cupid never was one for good timing.. Excellent six, neel.

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  7. Pat Brockett

    Great job of capturing young love and using the cue for the SSS.

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