Three Line Tales, Week 168

Three Line Tales, Week 168

three line tales, week 168

By Neel Anil Panicker 
Hey, that’s me, my entire five foot something lithe self standing taller than the Eifel Tower in seven inch high blood red stilletos, pure leather Cuban banana hat, bespoke Ray Ban dark glasses, hands on the windshield of an uber limited edition Porsche, again blood red in colour.

Red’s my colour, the colour of passion, and passion is what I have in loads as I go about life exuding oodles of oomph,___painting the town red, if you may.

Now don’t get me wrong and think of me as one of those spoilt brats indulging big time, splurging on her billionaire dad’s hard earned wealth; truth is I had to literally sweat it out in the rough and tumble that is life, literally spilling blood on these mean streets to get where I am today, and so what if all that blood was not mine.
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