Written for writing challenge

Story Starter Challenge April 14


By Neel Anil Panicker

“Can I have a word with you,”?
Sheena stopped and turned around.
A strapping young man, no more than 22 or 23 years of age, stood two feet from her, a smile plastered on his face, an shaggy beard further accentuating his rugged handsomeness.
Momentarily perplexed, she stood there wondering what it was the boy wanted to speak.
Her gaze swept beyond his broad shoulders just in time to notice Professor Arindam Singhal rush down the corridor and enter  corner room in
a hurried manner.
‘Why he is half running towards the class room. When it comes to moving around, isn’t he known to be the slowest of the professors, one who literally times his steps in an achingly slow metronomic fashion, from Point A to Point B?, she wondered.
Maybe, the Principal is on his rounds, and this being the Appraisal season, Sinha Sir merely wants to ensure that he doesn’t take any step that’s out of line (pun fully ntentional), surmised Sheena as she looked back at young man.
“What is it that you want to say? Do it fast as I am getting late for my lecture,” she said her voice conveying the urgency.
The boy, an ex student perhaps, merely looked at her, and then hesitantly blurted out,  “Madam, I think I am in love with you”.
The words hit her like ten tonne truck
But, even before she recover from the shock, her was gone, his receding footsteps ricocheting off the granite floors of the long corridor, sending her heart into a blinding tizzy.
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