Three Line Tales, Week 167

Three Line Tales, Week 167


By Neel Anil Panicker

“Last time this happened was way back, over a score and a half  years ago, almost antediluvian it seemed now, when as a chirpy college going teenager she would laze around, splashing her gangly legs and endless arms all around, squealing out in rapturous joy as the cool pool waters send tingling waves of excitement all over her voluptuous body.

Lisa looked around and watched as the pupils of several pairs of male eyes dilated as she frolicked around in her apology of a two piece swimming outfit from the contours of which her considerable assets strove to break free.

Nothing’s changed, she thought___ same searching look in every eye, same passion in every loin, , even same fire in every belly___except the highly elevating fact that now she was once again a free bird, a woman freed from the shackles of domesticity, a woman who had decided once and for all to turn her back to the regular trappings of a middle class existence___a few essentials such as a husband and a couple of kids thrown in as bread crumbs.

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