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Story Starter Challenge April 9

FOWC with Fandango — Cantankerous



By Neel Anil Panicker
Ratnadip Mathur slammed the door shut, turned around and shouted at the top of his voice, “I will have to change my milkman.”

From the inner room, Mrs Mathur shouted back, “What’s eating you? It’s only four in the morning. Why are screaming like  a mad dog? Do you want to wake up your the neighbours, spoil their sleep… eh”?

Mathur pushed himself towards the bedroom, one wobbly foot after the other, the frail bones making a crackling sound that broke through the sudden eerie silence that had enveloped the Mathur household.

At the entrance to the room, he stopped, his heart beats a yo yo, as he waited for his  heavy breathing to normalize.

A few seconds later and he was back to his normal combative mode, volleying his answer to his wife of fifty years query.

“The good for nothing idiot. He’s late as usual. Doesn’t he know that it’s time for me to drink tea and that I hate to have tea without milk and that if don’t my tea on time then I won’t be able to go for my daily walkathon in the park and …”

“Stop it”, butted in Mrs Mathur, as she lay, her eyes half shut on the wall end of the double bed, adding, “Get real Mathur  saheb. You  are not longer a working man and worse, a boss, who could order around everybody. Things don’t that way anymore. The milkman is also a human being like you and I, and he would come at five and not at the unearthly hour of four when even the colony dogs have surrendered themselves to sleep. So, take my wise advice and stop being so cantankerous ‘bcoz there’s nothing that’s going to happen before due time.  Instead, I suggest you calm down a bit, and maybe, lie down for a while, even go back to sleep. Who knows when you wake up you will find the world a much better place. ”

Ratnadip chewed on what his wife had just said, and then lowered himself beside his wife.

A second later, he was lost to sleep, the only sound being the heavy snoring that followed.

Lying beside him, Mrs Mathur wondered which was the better deal___ her better half awake or asleep.

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