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Three Line Tales, Week 166

Three Line Tales, Week 166

three line tales, week 166: a woman surrounded by ghosts


By Neel Anil Panicker
“No, it’s not clear, quite hazy in fact.  Just not good enough to prove that the man on the left was Vikram indeed. Not good enough to convince a judge to convict him”.

Detective Chacko turned his eyes away from the computer screen, away from the slew of grainy CCTV images that it displayed and nodded his near bald head in assent.

“I know, I very well know that, my dear advocate friend Kuriakose, but I also know that these images, however unclear they may be, show that our man Vikram could have been there at the third floor hotel conference room on the night of January 12 around eleven when the murder took and that alone is enough to sow the seed in the mind of an ‘understanding’ judge that he might have committed the crime.
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