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By Neel Anil Panicker

“Do they have a phone?” 

‘Who? The neighbours? How the hell do I know? And they’re on vacation, aren’t they? And hey, don’t tell me you are going to call them, that too over such a small thing?’

Astha lifted her gaze, hitherto affixed at the field some fifty yards away from where she stood at the front yard of their summer house at the city outskirts.

“I just can’t believe you said that. You…you of all people, a renowned lawyer to boot call this a small thing? You…”

Samuel flashed a quick smile, and said, his voice, now lowered and inflected with a token touch of placation, ‘Listen sweetheart, remember it’s our anniversary today. Why bother about some vagabonds stealing raw tomatoes from a next door neighbour’s farm, a guy whom we barely socialize with, or worse, even know their first names? It’s such a paltry…’

“Paltry? Did you just say that___Mr Hotshot city bred legal eagle? I say, call the police and let them do their work and catch whoever has committed this crime”.

Samuel looked resignedly at his wife, and shrugged his shoulders.

‘Ok, if that’s what you want. But first, can we cut the cake?’

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FOWC with Fandango — Paltry


2 thoughts on “neelwrites/flash/fiction/shortstory/25/03/2019

  1. Abhijit Ray

    Calling police for someone picking tomatoes? No wonder our police don’t have time to solve serious crime. I think you should distract her with cake.


  2. A question of priorities!
    Nice one, Neel


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