By Neel Anil Panicker

“Well, I haven’t seen one of those since…”

The words simply were a trail like the placid waters of the lake, each hurl of the pebble leaving concentric rings that ultimately were fated to die slow deaths.

The empty river, a silhouette of the setting sun___a semi spherical blob, increasingly fraying out at its edges ala a final goodbye to all things bright and shiny.

Sameer turned his gaze away from the sorrowful sight.

He needn’t watch the day’s ending.

What good, he mused, when his own life was shorn of all brightness; when all he had for himself was the cool comforting miasma of the dark.

In the distance, a murder of crows, their cawing sounds screeching through the thick veil of the forested park fly in a V-shaped military formation

With each incessant caw, Sameer felt as if his heart were being torn asunder, as if some vile force was shaking him with full virulent force, his every nerve, sinew, and bone being subjected to extreme torture.

He turned his eyes away even as an avalanche of deadened memories lashed his heavily battered mindscape.

His frail self shuddered and shook in spasmodic waves.

Just then the last dying rays of the sun drowned its golden rays onto the placid waters, leaving a pall of darkness all around.

Soon, the long tortuous branches of giant jungle trees also fell on the murky watery bed of the lake, and what followed was the beginning of a night long macabre and naked dance of nightly gods and goddesses.

Sameer, visibly shaken and stirred, and with hot beads of sweat percolating down his neck and drenching his entire body, knew it was time to leave.

He got up and began the long trundle back towards civilisation.

Memories as torturous as he held were a killer that he avoided like the plague.

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Thursday photo prompt: Tranquil #writephoto


2 thoughts on “neelwrites/flash/fictionsentencestarter/thursdayphotofiction/13/03/2019

  1. The Haunted Wordsmith

    Great story 😀


  2. Lots of mystery here, Neel… 😉


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