Lakshmi Bhat


By Neel Anil Panicker

The shadow of the moon danced on the lake.  I looked out from my cottage door and found the waters staring at me, invitingly. Draped in multifarious hues, tiny oblong shaped pebbles glistened and glowed in happy abundance as the afternoon sun showered her benevolence on a bunch of teeny bopper revellers who flung themselves into the extended arms of the turquoise waters much like a Cupid struck lover hurls herself into the muscular arms of her bare torso lover.

A few feet away two elderly couples, plausibly past their seventies, judging by their heavily bent backs, and also by the looking at the manner in which they held each other’s hands___the movements heavily incongruous and suggestive of being in the grip of third stage arthritis.

One of the them, the woman that is, pointed at something towards her left, and I watched as her partner, again plausibly her husband, arched his head around and then the two looked at a flurry of flamingos that hovered above them. That’s when the sun shone bright on the heavily lined faces, and that’s also when I noticed, judging by their toothless smiles and wide eyes grins, how happy and blissful they were.

It struck me then that to experience such supreme bliss one needs to be a child.

Aren’t we all one from inside?

The question is: when are we going to let it out?

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Photo Courtesy of Lakshmi Bhat



6 thoughts on “neelanilpanicker/flash/fiction/shortstory/10/03/2019

  1. The years may come and go but it’s so important that we cling on to our inner child. A lovely piece Neel.

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  2. So beautiful. I hope we never the feeling of wonder when something touches our heart. Well written.

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  3. Sweet tale, Neel, but surely just one elderly couple, two elderly people?

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  4. Abhijit Ray

    Beautiful prose. Really nice.

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