Valley Flow, Maligne Valley, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada


By Neel Anil Panicker

Come rain or shine, sand or storm, Ashni ploughed on undeterred, crossing valley ridges, trudging past the edges of mountains, not for once getting intimidating by the seemingly insurmountable challenges that life laid out for her.

It was not easy to be a paraplegic; not easy for one who was so since gracing the earth some thirty seasons ago, not easy for one to lose trust in life and all that it means.

Definitely not for one who was abandoned a day-old baby outside an orphanage by the very two persons responsible for bringing her into this world.

Looking at it all, she had no reason to live, no cause to fight for, no milestones to chase.

But, still, such was the beauty that resided her inner soul, that she held no rancour, no ill well against them, or anyone for that matter.

She was a flare that flamed the earth, lighting pathways to success,  which to her was the pursuit of happiness; her inner bliss an overpowering heart warming mind soothing balm that brought her closer with every breath that she took to the Creator__the one who had chosen her to show to ordinary earthlings what life’s true purpose was, to shame them into realizing that the beauty of life lay in not chasing one’s never ending wants, but by being happy serving our everyday elemental needs.

Word of the Day – Trust
FOWC with Fandango – Reason
Ragtag Daily Prompt – Flare

Valley ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #174


4 thoughts on “neelwrites/flashfiction/shortstory/milestone/reason/flare/trust

  1. Beautiful, Neel. Your character is an extraordinary human for not succumbing to or indulging in the desperation of her circumstances.
    You going to link up over at Six Sentence Stories?


  2. Reaching such a internal milestone of peace and acceptance is one most of us can only dream of. Beautiful six.


  3. Pat Brockett

    “the beauty that resided her inner soul, that she held no rancour, no ill well against them, or anyone for that matter” What a beautiful description of her.
    There is much to be learned from each individuals, if one opens their eyes, ears, and hearts to be able to see that which is within.


  4. Excellent Six, and a well needed reminder.


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