NOT A GOOD ANGLE (A Day A Short Story #34)

By Neel Anil Panicker

Detective Chacko looked at the Tata Ace mini truck, at the rather awkward angle at which it stood, noticing too that the windshield and the bonnet were devoid of any single scratch mark, besides that it rested on its hind wheels off a small cliff at a nondescript spot  some 100 yards off a desolate highway stretch and surrounded by thick mangroves and absolutely shorn of all human habitation.

“Sir, we checked___it’s an accident and the dead man on the wheel is Alberto Mascarenhas, the most notorious drug lord of Konkan coast and…”

Chacko waved his arms and said, “This is a staged one and now we need to search for the 10 kgs of heroin that’s missing alongwith Carlos, the crime boss’ Man Friday, and the one I believe has the 100 kg high quality heroin that the vehicle’s belly carried.

#neelanilpanicker #flash #fiction #shortstory #ThreeLineTales #crime #detectivechackocrimeseries


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