By Neel Anil Panicker

One upon  a time, long long ago…

How long? But first___who are you? And why are your ears so large and pointed and your face so colorful different from ours?

Oh dear, you children are so inquisitive. I will answer all your questions. Well, let me begin by saying that all this happened long ago. In fact so long ago that it was longer than my arm, and your arm, and the arms of all you denizens of Dearth, this strange planet you inhabit. And what was your next question…ah…I remember. Why are my ears so large and pointed and my face so different? Well, well, my dear sweethearts….that’s a story, in fact that’s the story what I wanted to tell you about. It’s because I am an elf.

Not from your planet. I came from a fairy land, far far away.

Oh, is that so? How interesting! But where are our parents….other inhabitants of this planet…what did you call it__Dearth? You are so mistaken. It’s not Dearth; its Earth.

It was, my dear, dear kids. It no longer is. They have ensured that. Their unbridled greed, egalomania, pettiness, condescension, and braggadocio have ensured that you don’t have any world. There’s no Earth. It’s just Dearth. A sad, sorry spectacle and made even sadder because there are no earthlings anymore.    

But…but how did all this happen? How…I mean who turned our Earth into such a barren space? Who is responsible for all this destruction?

Two men___an outlandish guy with a freckled near reddish half burnt face and an art-less mop of utterly disgusting cellotaped hair who called himself the Supreme Ruler of the Free World, and another___ a four foot wimp, an apology of a man with gelled hair and a five year old’s face and the mind of a demon. They, it’s these two madmen who wrecked havoc and pressed small little buttons and annihilated your once beautiful planet.

“Oh my gaad! such vile creatures. Who are they? What are their names? And where are they now?”.

Certainly. But, not now. Maybe, tomorrow, my dear little children. Now, it’s time for you to go to sleep. Hop on to your tree now and remember, we have to rebuild this planet first thing in the morning and change it back from Dearth to good old Earth. Good night, my dear sweet little children.

#neelanilpanicker #flash #fiction #400words #FOWC #3TC #fairytale

FOWC with Fandango — Tree



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