God Of Troll


By Neel Anil Panicker 

“How does it matter if the man I just married was married four times, or forty? And how the bloody fish does it matter to anyone what I chose to do or not, who I marry or not, who I chose to live my life with?”

‘They say you’re a celebrity, a famous actress, a …’

“Oh, is it? So, does that mean any Tom, Dick and Harry can resort to mouthing  whatever takes birth in his dirty, debased sadistic deranged mind? Does that…”


“No, I ain’t finished yet. I ask: Who the hell are these good for nothings, these spineless, shameless trolls who, hiding behind thick impervious walls of anonymity, attack in the vilest manner possible another person just because he or she happens to be a known face and therefore deemed vulnerable?”

‘But Madam, they tell the man you chose to marry has been accused of…’

“Accused of? Right? Take this___forget about the ,man or woman on the street. Even the very venerable Mother Teresa had been, in her lifetime, accused of several things by several people. Everyday, our Prime Minister gets accused of several alleged acts of omission and commission. Does that mean he’s guilty? No Sir, hurling accusations are the one of the easiest things on Planet Earth. In fact, for some it’s their bread and butter.”

‘So madam, do you say people like you help keep their home fires burning, right?’.

“You said it, man. And I hope this byte helps keep your home fires burning too. And now, if we’re done, please allow me to move. There are things I need to do more in this lifetime. Or else, I will be accused of not doing enough to help others’ from burning their home fires”.

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