By Neel Anil Panicker

It wasn’t the first time he had come nor would it be the last.

But, still, standing there, in the centre, amidst it all, surrounded by the best of arts works, he felt overwhelmed. Overpowered would be a more appropriate word to convey the searing emotion that bobbed like a yo yo in his heart and played havoc with his otherwise phlegmatic demeanour.

For neatly arranged in row upon row right upto to the high ceilings were the the works of artists and so exclusive that even creme de la creme would be a tad inadequate description to do full justice to the virtual treasure trove that lay before his wonder struck eyes.

There they were___Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, the fifteenth century full-length nude that miraculously escaped the eyes of religious bigots; the multi-hied hazy Starry Nights that Van Gogh drew during his time at the mental asylum; the ostentatiously patterned, opulently gilded path breaking early 20th century Gustav’s Klimt’s The Kiss. 

And so on it went…the list near endless… a myriad interplay of colours, graphic motifs..wall adorned frescoes that showcased the best of artistic excellence that human minds are capable of imagining and human hands capable of creating.

Try as much as he could, Roberto simply couldn’t shake off the cumulative effect of it all. It seems wherever he went, whichever way he turned, the exquisite paints, and especially Mona Lisa smiled down upon him, her deeply mysterious smile adding to the sweetly pulsating tension that throbbed under his chest.

Ultimately, he just shrugged his head and lifted the rucksack off his shoulders.

It was time to get the onerous task done.

Even the best of thieves needed to operate under a shoestring budget of time.

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FOWC with Fandango — Onerous

Thursday photo prompt: Imagination #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt: Imagination #writephoto



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  1. Loved your take on the various prompts.


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