By Neel Anil Panicker

They called him names—a lost soul, an unhinged Highwayman, a man without a plan, not least for his proclivity to take to the road and go on long uncharted journeys, absolutely unmindful of the barbs and oblique references to his having lost it and haviing no care of matters more temporal, things such as starting a family and being a part of society if not being one of its pillars.

He, however, was cut from a different cloth, and didn’t one wee bit take umbrage to the innuendos that were directed at him, and plodded on, his steely eyes set on the straight road ahead, eyes rarely looking back through the rear view mirror.

And all that’s because Azim Banatawalla, ex-Army colonel had only one goal in his life: to bring the six killers of his wife and thirteen year daughter Shreya to book, to skin them alive and castrate every one of them who had so brutally violated and cut to pieces the two most important persons in his life, the very raison d’ etere of his sordid excusable existence.
#neelanilpanicker #flash #fiction #shortstory #3Lines ##FOWC #umbrella

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