jeff bezos, pix? ಗೆ ಚಿತ್ರದ ಫಲಿತಾಂಶ

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Dear Mr. Jeff Bezos,
I am writing this to tell you how much I admire you.
You are an Amazon!!! (pun fully intended).
Thanks to you every single moment has been blessing, a revelation, an experience that I can only describe as heavenly.

You, through your great company, have brought so much unadulterated happiness to million of lives all across the world. Africans, Americans, Asians, Europeans___be they of nationality, geography or economy___, all have found bliss in your amazing Amazonian platform christened what else but Amazon!

Like every other soul who’s fallen in love with your adorable, lovable App, my fingers too itch, the pupils of my eyes dilate thrice over, my heart beats race faster than Ben Johnson’s feet can ever on a race track as I hop onto an amazing journey of splendour, wonder, and grandeur.

Here, in this beautiful safe, secure sanctuary, this blue lagoon of happiness that you have founded, I look for, surf, check out, process, separate, segregate, compare, and contrast a virtual never ending bewildering mind boggling array of goodies that are Manna for a parched soul like me.

And you know what___personally the most wondrous thing that I love about your delectable user friendly platform is its one heart warming trait, which is its magnanimity, its sheer generosity that allows us to select a few or more for future perusal, deliberation, discussion, and a possible decision.
Fabulous are you and fabulous is the magical ecosystem that you’ve create.

In fact my respect for you has risen manifold when I came to know that all these unique business practices have been tried and tested by none less than you.

Means, you practice what you preach! Something which is a rarity not found in other world business leaders.

‘A what?’ Did I hear you say? Zapped? Stumped? Well, you need not be.

Please allow me to explain.
Your App is all about loving exploration. And you’re a living embodiment of this admirable quality.

For have you not done exactly that___ “loving exploration”___, all these years, checking out, weeding out the un-necessaries, flirting with the fly by nights, fingering the deliciously delectable, before finally calling it quits on your ‘amazing over two and half decade old marriage.
Oh! I love that! I mean not the collapse of your marriage or even the fact that you need to split in the half your 137 billion dollar fortune with your better wife, the now newly liberated ex- Mrs. Mackenzie.

I mean the beautiful reason you have given for dumping oops separating from your beautiful wife of 25 plus years and here I quote ” to embark upon a journey of loving exploration”.

In fact so busy were you in ‘exploring’ that you forgot to even sign a pre_nuptial agreement, the absence of which today leaves you with just half of your enormous wealth!

Amazing is your love dear Mr Amazon and even more amazong are your Amazonian exploits.

Please pardon those lesser souls for whom this early morning announcement of the ‘de-coupling’ came as a rude shock, a bolt from the blue.

On their behalf, all I say is : “Dear Jeff, forgive them for they know not what they are missing.”

Meanwhile, summing up, I take this opportunity to wish you a brilliant happy de-coupled life and hope, wish and pray that you keep on having more and more “loving explorations”, and we get to learn more and more from you.

And for that and that alone, dear Jeff we, your fellow Amazonians will remain eternally grateful.

Your loving explorative loyalist amazonian customer.
Neel Anil Panicker
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