By Neel Anil Panicker

I am a people watcher and what better way to indulge in that hobby than when is inside a class choc-o-bloc with B-School aspirants.

If there is one class of people that I love then it is the underdog. Yes, of all the different types that one can spot in a classroom or even outside in this wide bad world world, it is the underdog that I find the most fascinating.

I love hooting and rooting for him. I meet him everywhere____on television screens, in offices, in the neighborhood where I live, during my weekly sojourns to the market, during my annual vacations to distant places, in all spheres of live, be it personal or the social.

I can spot one from a mile and a half, desperate in their efforts though barely managing to fit in, to make  a mark in a world full of super achievers and people who think they are God’s specially wrapped Christmas gifts.

He is the one who is invisible for the world, the one who the world doesn’t give much heft, pay any attention to.

In every classroom that I enter, invariably, one or more of this species is present.

The trick is to spot them for they are near invisible to the naked eye.

For starers, they inhabit either the first bench or the middle benches to the corner abutting the walls.

They are so unobtrusive that they seem to be part of the furniture, almost non-living entities.

They are a study in itself: the way they slip in quitely  when none is noticing; from their droopy, apologetic eyes, as if they had a drink too many, sloppy, frightful fingers holding pens that scribble on unsteadily on notebooks so clean as if they’ve just come out of a laundry, one hand on pocket, or hidden away from sight, the other, its fingers desperately trying to convert spoken word into text.

However, all said and done, if were to prophecy, I know this specimen has a lot in store for him; I know that this guy whom the world and its nanny has given the cold shoulder will one day turn the tables and wipe clean the entire competition.

And that’s also the day when the all those who made fun of him, belittled him, abused and derided him to satiate their inner demons, or simply just for kicks

will realise their folly and beg for his forgiveness.

And that’s also the day when the underdog metamorphoses into top dog leaving way  for someone else to become, guess what__the underdog!

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FOWC with Fandango — Underdog


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