By Neel Anil Panicker

Amber didn’t know what the matter was with Mehr though he did know that of late she had been acting a little queer___her sudden mood swings, the way she would lose her temper and shout at all and sundr, the late night sleepwalking, the early morning wanderings in the forest that abutted their backyard…all lending credence to his suspicion that all was not well in her world.

But the question was ‘what’?

He did try to broach the subject, thought about walking upto her and inquiring, albeit gently, what was the issue that troubled her, what was bothering her so much as to transform an otherwise bubbly 45 year old raconteur with an effervescent charm to overnight morph into a raging bad mouthing virago.

But one look at her ‘don’t mess with me’ hard as rock demeanour and she developed cold feet.

There was no way one could, even he, her boyfriend of 20 years, could break through that formidable Great Wall of China she had built around herself.

He heaved a sigh or relief and decided to let Nature take its course, hoping very shortly she would untangle whatever it was that was troubling her, and come back to her normal self.

#neelanilpanicker #fiction #flash #SSS #shortstory #sixsentencestoeies


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