Thursday photo prompt: Renewal #writephoto



By Neel Anil Panicker

The madness of the night is not over. Not yet, at least. I can feel it inside me, in the grogginess in my head, in the way I recoil at the artificial electric blue swathe of light that’s pricking into my eyes, still unwilling to leave the comfy comfort of sleep.

I reach my arms and switch off the contraption. I lie on my back, and wait for order, some semblance of sanity. It’s pitch dark, from behind the curtains I can see night’s still reigning supreme, though something tells me it won’t be long before day comes and knocks its other half off the pedestal.

I want to be there when it happens, I tell myself, and so force myself out of bed, out of my room, out into the arms of Mother Nature.

I step put and instantly feel the breeze on my ears and cheeks. It’s a softening experience and tingles my nerve buds. I hit the street, past the tall cinder trees, past ”Prasad’s Masala Delights’, heading out towards the little pond and the woods that enclose it.

I know I am near it as my ears ring with the soft chirping of birds from the tree tops. I look up to see a tincture of dawn make its appearance. It’s a purplish tinge with faint traces of blue that I know will soon give way. My eyes watch in wonderment at the  interplay of dark and light, at the quick dethroning of the monochromatic dullness of black and white with an eclectic showering of rainbow colours on the still damp earth.

I arrive at my perch by the pool; bend over to catch my reflection on the still born pale blue waters.

My face’s fluffy, I got bags around my eyes, but then I look closely and I see a glint of newness in them.

I smile; my neurons are on firing mode.

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Thursday photo prompt: Renewal #writephoto

1 thought on “neelwrites/thursdayphotoprompt/FOWC/04/01/2019

  1. Lovely description of the morning, Neel.


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