100 Word Wednesday: Week 103




By Neel Anil Panicker
Orange Is The New Black.
Seen that smash hit television series that ruled the charts sometime ago. One that successfully captured the stark reality of the American justice system and its jails are majoritated by the disadvantaged Black minority populace.

Well, currently I too am feeling the same as I find my entire being is in danger of turning orange.

Orange with a vengeance that is.
It seems as if my world, almost overnight has changed colours ala chameleons.

Gone is my black suit. Gone are the black coffee cups, gone also is my black car…hey, what to say gone too is my black dachshund.

Instead everything’s turned a different hue—orange.

Guess what, next Esther’s contemplating my black skin needs a makeover.

I shudder at the thought.

Wonder, if it’s time to replace her itself before my world turn a tad too ‘colourful’.
#neelanilpanicker #100wordwednesday #orange #fiction #flash #shortstory

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