Three Line Tales, Week 151

three line tales, week 151: an old carousel

By Neel Anil Panicker
His life always moved around in circles, hurtling, mostly, inching, at times, but never ever reaching its destination, and the sad part is that despite being fully aware of this, he didn’t do, or more appropriately took a sadistiic delight in not doing anything about it.

Now, even that, however disturbing wouldn’t have seen such a problem as it were had it just confined himself to him, but that wasn’t the case for there was a woman involved and that woman happened to be his wife, one who had cocked a snook at her parents and everybody around her just to hitch her wagon to his star, unmindful that she had boarded a train to No Man’s Land.

In the end it happened the way naysayers had screamed out it would: he chose the easy way out and hung from the ceiling fan, leaving her high and dry, dangling to her precarious fate.
#neelanilpanicker #fiction flash #ThreeLineTales #FOWC #easy

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