By Neel Anil Panicker
He seemed not the martinet everyone else made him out to be.
True he did posses the no nonsense stentonarian persona, a matching six foot tall egg shaped sans hairy encumberances bald thick tumble bar moustache completing the picture.
But quite unlike men in his position, me n so exclusive a breed that the numbers could be counted in no more one’s fingers, who strutted around the the four corners of the world, zipping in and out of world capitals and blue chip corporate boardrooms, closing billion dollars deals faster than one could say Donald Trump, he turned out to be cut from an entirely different cloth.
A man who, once you got to know him, was a delectable Christmas cake condition of charm, humility, grace, dignity, and kindness—all sterling superlatives that in today’s dog eat dog increasingly inhumane world are as rare as the dodo.
It took me all of a year and one fortuitous meeting with Arvind Ahuja, the billionaire in question to realize the truth behind the adage that appearances are deceptive and that not all whom the world denounces are necessarilyc worthy of such denunciation.

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