7 December 2018


By Neel Anil Panicker

“Ok, it’s coming. Another five seconds and we enter the tunnel. Remember gentlemen, each coach’s inside for only 45 seconds.”

‘Add gentlelady, please.’

Nicholson looked towards the girl___her clenched teeth, clean square shaped mannish jaws and steely eyes had defiance plastered all over.

Watching him hesitate that wee bit, she rubbed it in, ‘Remember, old man. Your era’s just gone by. I’m a child of the #MeToo age.’

Nichols fingers tightened their grip on the 12 inch machette. Some other time, and it’d be her head on the train floor.

“Ok, gentlelady. But remember, I want the Queen, and that too alive.”

#neelanilpancker #fridayfictioneers #train #crime #100words #flash



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