FOWC with Fandango — Leisure

starry night


By Neel Anil Panicker

“I would have preferred a tattoo. That way it would have been easy for me to explain it away,” Kajal said, her kohl lined eyes peering into the mirror.

‘I don’t think so. That would arouse his suspicion. He’d would ask you why you got yourself inked? Would wonder…any explanation you give would not cut ice.I know him well. After all, he’s my best friend.’

“He’s my husband, too. Know him like the back of my hand. A heart running down my back with your initials in bold on it__no ways;  he’s far too sharp and will instantly get it. Our little secret will be out, Vish.”

‘Don’t worry one wee bit, my darling. I have your back. He’ll never get to know. Only, if you let him. It’s your back. You decide who you bare it to and not.’

“My cupcake, I always knew you were a bright chap. Bright and naughty too. Now bare your chest and let me do something similar. How about my breasts etched on them. You can squeeze me whenever you wish, at leisure.”

‘I love that, sweetheart. It would be my great pleasure.’

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