FFfAW Challenge – 194th

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yinglan.


By Neel Anil Panicker

“Hey, that’s one up on you” smirked Harish as the air went pop some hundred feet feet away; the blood streaked sky strewn with fluffy white feathers that fluttered for  a while, and then went still.

Joseph watched, a feet away, his face cast in despair, at the sheer insouciance imprinted on his neighbour’s swarthy face.

Overcome by pain, he closed his eyes.

Myriad images flashed through his battered mindscape.

He visualised his heart knifed to pieces ; each decapitated organ, chopped and fed to ravenous dogs.

Sweating like a pig and his heartbeats a maddening yo yo, Joseph opened his by now bulbous eyes and found himself staring into the mocking eyes of his malefactor.

And then it happened___ all in a jiffy.

The bullet hit Bull’s Eye__the brains billowing into the fluffy clouds like the remnants of a rocket that had been blasted into Space; a pall of smoke that slowly fades away  after a 21-gun martyr’s salute.

“No more shooting darts at my wife’, were Joseph’s last words as he was led away.

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9 thoughts on “neelwrites/unsacredgames/FFfAW/flash/fiction/175words/04/12/2018

  1. No winners in this situation.

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  2. Abhijit Ray

    Shooting bird in the sky is horrible. Then Joseph shot Harish, was it because Harish harassing Joesph’s wife?

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    1. I am commenting so I will see the answer too! 🙂

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