By Neel Anil Panicker

Detective Chacko turned his car around and slid past the Crime Branch office.

As he eased his vehicle onto the main road, he thanked the bankers, the lower level that is___for calling a strike, for demanding what they felt were their just dues, and for helping keeping the vehicles off the roads and thereby for once, even it were for only eight hours, keeping a check on the rising pollution levels.

The events of the previous hour had been fruitful. For the first time he saw a ray of hope, albeit tiny. For the first time he was able to put a face to the serial killer.

‘I agree, the images are grainy but go with it. The killer seems to be around 31, sports a shaggy beard, is dark skinned, thinly, most probably hails from a low economic background, and plausibly stays in or around Khoda. Activate your local informers,

check from offices of all private vehicles on hire on the said dates___do fast and get me results.’

Before dispatching Bose he had added, ‘And remember, we don’t have time. The city is on edge. I need some headway by evening.’

A song on the radio broke his thoughts.

It was an old eighties Bollywood number. He knew the lyrics by heart. It was a solo song, sung by his favourite, the evergreen Kishore Kumar, a song full of melody that talked about a beautiful future.

His fingers tapped on the steering wheel and he started to lip sync, his mind dancing with the highly enervating music that accompanied the much heard and discussed about song.

‘It’s amazing how a song, a mere song, penned ages ago, can still reverberate and mesmerize the mind, can uplift a person’s moods and lift him from the depths of despair to the heights of unbridled joy.

Suddenly overcome with joy, he turned the car around and headed towards Jacaranda Heights. He wanted to digest this happiness further, extend this bliss that he was experiencing; he wanted to spend an hour or so with Leena.

In the meanwhile, his boss, the Commissioner could wait.

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FOWC with Fandango — Melody



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